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Evaluating your business, your customers and your competition.  Kimberly teaches you the lifetime value of a customer, developing customer targets while maintaining fixed costs and small business marketing and growth strategies.


Kimberly informs and challenges Oklahoma to address rural healthcare access and property insurance rates and educates audiences on the industry root causes pricing Oklahoma families out of affordable insurance and quality care models based on choice and open market competition.

She challenges patents and employers to activate the power they have with their premium dollars, stabilization of rate and risk factors and does so with  unique insurance industry administration and investigative experience making her a formidable and vocal advocate for transparency and improvement of patient choice in Oklahoma insurance and healthcare delivery systems.


Kimberly shares a variety of experiences that draw people together and challenge personal growth.   From bridging cultures, examining pain and loss to inspiring women to commit to their personal success journey, Kimberly entertains and engages. 


Kimberly’s passion to inspire purpose and possibility includes her commitment to service.  Her topics include developing the leaders within and developing political power specifically targeted at marginalized communities, to helping mobilize change with the resources you have (or don’t have), she believes in helping people discover the potential in every situation. 

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