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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or solve growth and operational problems?

Our passion is working with businesses, people, and causes to help make Oklahoma better.

Kimberly combines her passion for solving complex problems with the skills, diplomacy and experience to assist communities, inspire audiences and improve business performance.


Let me help you reach your goals.

Fear is not Failure. 


“I get hired to solve business problems…

I end up fixing people problems.”

Most of my clients know they have a problem; or need help beyond their time, scope, and current resources  to resolve.

Sometimes they need objective external evaluation to help make critical business decisions and many times, I work with successful medium-sized businesses where the CEO wears the sales, marketing, strategy and HR hats and their growth is limited to their bandwidth.

 Helping organizations assess the people,  improve processes, implement strategy, measure effectiveness or create succession plans – Kimberly is your local partner dedicated to your needs.